Less = More

Less = More debut Summer, 2014 at the Sierra Club annual conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has been used as campaign advocacy and distributed in higher-education settings such as; University of Michigan, Grand Valley State University and Michigan State University. 


Director: Kirk Rasmussen

Advocating for a system reform through positive spending decisions, β€œThe Real Bargain,” is an observation of the local livestock production systems in the state of Michigan, and the journey in which consumers dollars enriches their communities. 

The film depicts what happens when consumers spend decide to allocate their food budget toward local, sustainable farmer rather than buying meat, dairy, poultry or eggs at the supermarket. Featuring interviews with local farmers, customers, food system experts and others interested in a sustainable food system. 

Directed by Kirk Rasmussen for the Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter, 2014.

As a result of the film, Sierra Club works to create learning opportunities for local consumers and political reform of the Michigan Farm Bill and Right to Farm Act. 

The film has been featured in Northern Express Magazine, as the issues "top five," as well as distributing on-air through UpNorthTV as well as University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University and Grand Rapids Local First. 

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