Detroit Awakening


Director: Kirk Rasmussen

The story begins in Detroit on February 22nd, 2014 at Ford Field Stadium. A relentless crowd stands in the bitter cold outside the stadium entrance at 8:00am. The crowd grows enormously, wrapping around the building in hopes that they can create the world’s largest indoor yoga session. Inside, individuals are setting their mats down, taking off shoes and jackets and transforming themselves. People of every kind gathering together here and acting in unison to support the city at the event, “Yoga Rocks Ford Field.”

This event is a milestone for the efforts of people who are working to bring Detroit back to life. Detroit’s vacant plants and political corruption marked its depression and it has struggled since to reclaim itself. Much of the press and media has portrayed Detroit as uninhabitable and therefore not worth investing in.

Detroit is no longer the industrial city it once was, but now has gone beyond it. There is a new sense of community within the city, one who will seize the opportunity to grow and flourish here. Having experience Detroit first hand, and talking with many people here, there is a historical and cultural pride that still exists here, and it contains the fuel to bring Detroit back to life.

Yoga Rocks Ford Field is a step forward in changing the identity of Detroit. We strongly believe that the acts of community, the people and their passions together are acting as one to enrich the social landscape. 

The film is currently playing at Light in the Darkness Film Festival in Portland, OR and San Fransisco, CA as well as the Chiaroscuro Film Festival in Grand Rapids, MI.


Detroit Awakening is a film about the identity of Detroit, and the works of Individuals who redefine their city by setting a world-record Yoga Session at the iconic Ford Field Stadium. The film debut at the GVSU Showcase, 2014.  

Watch Detroit Awakening here on Vimeo.